Take A Picture, It Lasts Longer reveals concept in relation to the objectification of women. This has come from my own personal background, influenced by the Male Gaze in todays society. 

It was when I saw the work of Sarah Lucas at the Tate that inspired me to create a contemporary piece using furniture as a substitute for the human body. Furniture such as mattresses, sofas and chairs act as plinths for ‘bodies’ placed in a surreal environment. Lucas's figures are headless, the only face is the artist herself , omnipresent through a sequence of self portraits.

The work of Francesca Woodman has always been a massive inspiration to me, using medium format to capture these images. Her perfectly window framed images gave me the potential to re create something similar but in this present-time. The idea of the window and the gaze I had In my head from the very beginning, I wanted the viewer to be shocked and feel as if they are the male gazing in through the window at the woman, but at something more shocking than expected.

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